Magnets are cool!

You can find them all over your home. They are most commonly found on your fridge door and even on the inside of the fridge door to keep it closed. Magnets are also found in your toys and the doors of cabinet or presses.

Today we are going to find a more exciting use for magnet....

Activity 1

Magnet Race

What you will need: Paper and scissors, markers and pencils, paper clips, two small magnets, sellotape, ruler or similar length of wood (like a wooden spoon), cardboard (a cereal box will work!)

All the instructions can be downloaded and shared below too!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!

Step 1

Design your cars Getting your thinking caps on! Draw two small cars on a piece of paper. You can design whatever car you like and colour them with funky designs!

Or you can use a simple triangle shape like Múinteoir Ray.

Step 2

Cut out your paper cars using the scissors. Make sure to ask for an adults help. Using the sellotape, tape your car to the paperclip.

Step 3

Tape the magnets to the end of each ruler or piece of wood.

Step 4

Design your course on the cardboard with two lanes for each of the cars. You can add lots of bends and turns if you want.

You can add this finish line to your course!

Or you can tape the design below to cardboard for extra races!

Step 5

Step 5 Start your engines! Place your cars with the paper clips attached, on your race course. Now position your ruler with the magnet, underneath the cardboard.

The magnet will attract your car with the paperclip and allows you to move your car up and down your race course.

Create different racers! You can draw an outer space scene instead of a race track and use a rocket to fly around the galaxy.

Activity 2

Cut and design car puzzle!

What you will need: Scissors, help from an adult, some glue or sellotape.

Step 1

Cut the car pattern below out. Make sure to ask an adult for help with this.

Step 2

Fold the flaps at the dotted line. Now using the model above, see if you can fold your car and glue it together to make a New York Taxi!