Under the sea!

Today, we read a great story called Finn's First Song – A Whaley Big Adventure by Gerry Daly.

We had a whale of a time!

Download the activity sheet below and have a look at the pictures of creatures you'll find in the ocean - some of which were in A Whaley Big Adventure! Can you name them all?

What animals live under the sea?

Can you list some other animals and things you might find under the sea?








The main character in A Whaley Big Adventure is, of course, a whale!

Let's learn more about these fascinating creatures now with some wonderful whale facts.

One of the most beautiful animals that lives under the sea is the seahorse!

They can be lots of different colours. They can also change colour / camouflage if they want to hide or blend into their surroundings! Can you think of a time when they might want to do that?

Colour in the seahorses below and don't be afraid to use your imagination with the colours you use.