Today we learned about how to keep items dry in the rain! Which is a useful skill to have living in Ireland!

Múinteor John explained the science behind making something waterproof and showed us how we can make a material waterproof using household items!

Making a waterproof material using household goods

What you will need: Petroleum jelly or Vaseline, water, some tissue paper or kitchen roll, two pieces of kitchen cloth or J Cloth.

Step 1

Take some of the petroleum jelly or Vaseline and spread it on just one side of the J Cloth, making sure to really rub it in and cover the whole area.

Step 2

Leave the third piece of J Cloth with nothing on it. Now place a piece of tissue between each of the J Cloths, one inside the J Cloth with Vaseline on it and one inside the J Cloth that you have done nothing with.

Step 3

Before we pour water on the J Cloths, take a tissue and wet it with some drops of water to see what happens. You should see darker spots on the tissue which tells you it is now soaked with water.

Step 4

We are now going to sprinkle some water on each of the two J Cloths. Imagine you are putting vinegar on some chips! You are just sprinkling water, rather than splashing it!

Step 5

Results! Which was better at repelling water? Can you guess from looking at the photo below what was used on the J Cloth?

Answer: The Vaseline repelled the water and made the J Cloth waterproof!

You can download the experiment and all the activities here!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!

Exercise 2

Have you ever heard of the phrase or idiom: "It's raining cats and dogs"? It is used when it is raining very heavily. An idiom is a phrase that means something else.

So when we say it is raining cats and dogs, we don’t mean there is puppies and kittens falling from the sky. Instead, it means it is raining very heavy.

Now it’s time for a bit of fun by colouring in these awesome puppies and kittens enjoying the rain!

And don't forget the puppy!