Today we had a bit of a "bonkers" class with Múinteoir Ray as he told us all about pitch, pulse, dynamics and percussion in music!

High pitch, low pitch…

The sound an object makes changes depending on how fast it is vibrating. When an object vibrates quickly, it makes a high-pitched sound. When things vibrate more slowly, you get a low pitched sound!

Exercise 1

Look at this list of sounds. Some are high-pitched and some are low-pitched. Sort them into the correct category below!

                                                                               High Pitch                                     Low Pitch

Truck engine
Bass drum
Soprano (female opera singer)
Phone ringing
Crying baby
Bird song
Bike bell
Referee's Whistle
A man’s deep voice
Cat purring

The answers and all the activities can be downloaded here!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!

Musical Crossword

Name each instrument and slot its name into the crossword. If you aren't sure of an instrument’s name, check out the hints at the end of the worksheet.

Some of them you may not have seen or heard before!

Below is a link to a video of a really cool cover version of a very famous song from 2003 called Seven Nation Army. The original song is by an American band called The White Stripes.

Click here access via YouTube kids!

It features a very strong obstinato - a musical phrase that repeats over and over again throughout the song.

  • Can you identify it and sing it? Tap out the pulse of the song.
  • Can you spot where the bass really kicks in? (Hint: can you almost feel the vibrations of the low pitch?)
  • What instrument are the two musicians using?

Don't forget you can download and share the activity sheets and get the answer to the crossword and more here - Music Activity Sheet