Square Numbers

Today we learned about square and rectangular numbers! But why do we call some numbers square and others rectangular?

A number is considered a square or rectangular number based on the shape it makes! A square has the same number of rows as columns.

When you cannot create a square but only a rectangle, it is called a rectangular number! A square number can also be made by multiplying a number by itself.

Eg 2 x 2= 4.

All the exercises and the answers are here to download in the activity sheet here!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!

Exercise 1

Fill in the squares below to make a square number.

Square number 4 is already done.

Note how 4 squares are coloured in to form a square.

The square has 2 rows and 2 columns. So 2 x 2 = 4!

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Don't forget you can check your answers on the activity sheet HERE!

Exercise 2

What you will need: Markers, crayons or pencils for colouring in.

Now let's make a piece of art using square and rectangles. This is going to be inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian! Piet Mondrian is a Dutch artist best known for his abstract paintings.

Art that is abstract does not show things that are recognisable such as people, objects or landscapes. Instead artists like Mondrian use colours, shapes and textures for their masterpieces.

Mondrian mostly used primary colours for his paintings, red, yellow and blue.

Now create your own piece of Abstract Art using the template below.

Colour in different squares and rectangles.