Phil of Science was LIVE on RTÉ Kids Instagram on Thursday giving you a special tour of his lab and answering some of your questions.

You can watch it back here on Instagram!

When you are tuned in and loving Hub Lab, did you ever wonder about what is going on behind Phil and what some of the cool equipment is used for. Well, with this Insta Live Phil gave everyone a quick tour of his lab and then go for a walk around the O'Brien Centre for Science in UCD.

The Centre is the biggest space for science in Europe and there is loads to see and do. The best bit is that all Phil needs to do is grab his phone and then it's access all areas for you all at home. 

There is loads of art inspired by science too and he will have a look at it some of the amazing work too!

Of course, it's still Hub Lab so get ready to experiment. To get you set here is all the information you will need for the Hot and Cold Experiment.

Phil did a new version of the hot and cold experiment but try a variant with salt water and fresh water that he'd never tried before! This means he didn't know what was going to happen!!"

What you will need:

Warm and cold water
Food colouring
A sheet of plastic 

The full details and experiment are all here...

Hub Lab: Get ready for the Hot and Cold Experiment