In this latest episode of Maths Matters with Julie and Phil they are talking about patterns.

If you take a good look around you, you might find some interesting patterns. Maybe the number of windows on an apartment block, or how the traffic lights change at a crossroads, or even house numbers on a street.

Patterns are all around us in nature too: in the number of petals on flowers, in the shapes of a snowflake, the shape of fruit or seeds in a sunflower.

Mathematics is the study of these patterns; patterns in real life. A pattern is a sequence that repeats according to a rule, and a sequences is a set of numbers in a certain order. 

In this episode we explore a few sequences of numbers and look at how to find the rule so that you could work out the next number in a sequence. And you can help our Guard solve a crime: see if you can work out the rule to the patterns to find out which house will get robbed next!

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