In Múinteoir Ray's class today, we read a book called Run Wild by David Covell.

He got us to write our own story about a day when we ran wild! But what if your story ended up being published as its own book? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Imagine you have been asked to design the cover of your book and draw it on the book cover template.

Every good book cover should:

  • Include the title of the book Include the author’s name - YOUR name!
  • Or you can use a pseudonym - this is a fake name that some authors use if they wish to remain anonymous.
  • Remember, the cover should help us predict what the book is about!
  • Also, you want people to buy this book, so make sure that the cover is eye-catching!

Download the activity sheet here and use the space to make your own book cover and more!


Múinteoir Ray also spoke about predictions. A prediction is something we think might happen.

Fortune Tellers use Crystal Balls to help them see the future and predict things.

Pretend to be your own fortune teller and try to predict what your future might bring!

Or, if someone else is with you, why don't you try to predict their future?

Here are some hints to get you started:

When I'm older, I will travel to....and....
My job will be...
I will live in...
My pets will be...
My favourite food will be....

Imagine that!

Predictions can also be about the world. There is now a job called a "Futurist" - these are people who try to predict what might happen in the future and help prepare us for what is to come.

Some say that in the future, cars will be able to fly!

Close your eyes and imagine that it's the year 2071 - that’s 50 years into the future. Make some predictions about what life will be like then.

Once again, let your imagination run wild!

Some hints: What will transport be like? What will we eat? What kinds of clothes will we wear?

Are you wild?!

Here is a fun song all about acting wild just like a lion, with lots of movement, including teeth-knashing and ROARING!

Give it a go and give us your best lion impression and send them to us: Upload your videos here



How does a lion stop a video?
By pressing paws!

What do you call a lion's reflection?
A copycat

On which day do lions eat the most?