Character Walking

Let's explore how a walk can convey different emotions.

Try this at home... think of something really exciting and walk around the room with that thought in your head. Notice how you move, how your feet lift of the ground, how your energy feels.

Stop walking and write down three observations about the way you were walking.

Now, think of something that makes you feel sad or annoyed and start walking again. Notice how your energy has changed. Maybe you're walking slower than before, maybe faster, maybe your feet feel heavy.

Stop walking and write down three things that you noticed about your walk. Compare both the things you wrote down when you were walking feeling excited versus when you were thinking of something sad.

See how many differences you can identify and think about why this happens.

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Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!


Every actor in a play or on television has many ways of portraying how a character is feeling.

It could show on their face, how they are standing, or even how they walk. It is important that the actor puts themselves in the mind-set of the character that they are trying to play so that the audience can understand the character.

It's great fun to try different walks. Let’s get moving at home. You can practice this game on your own but the more players the better! Everyone can play!

If you want to stand up or stay seated, use your body to express how you are feeling when you play a character.

If you are sitting down, use your face, your shoulders and your movements to show how your character is feeling.

1 Choose a character from the list or create your own characters.
Grandmother/ Astronaut /Cowboy/ Superhero/ Baby/ Turtle/ Fairy/ Zombie/ Dancer/ Farmer/ Monkey/ Clown

2 Imagine how this character is feeling. What emotion should you convey?

3 Decide how you think they would move and walk. Are they slow or fast? Are their feet heavy of light? Are they silly or serious?

4 Stand up or sit down and pretend to be this character.

5 Without talking, walk or move to act like the character until the other players can guess who you are pretending to be.

6 Other players can shout out there guesses but you must keep focused on your character walking until the guess correctly.

7 The player that guesses correctly can go next. They will act out another character


Animal walks are a great way to warm up and be silly at home. Here are some funny animal walks for you to try at home. Don't be shy, get moving, get giggling and try to come up with your own list of animal walks.

Frog Hop
The frog hop is a classic animal walk that most of us know how to replicate. Simply squat like a frog and hop! Or turn it into a game of leapfrog if you have more than player.

Penguin Waddle
Who doesn't love penguins? They’re so adorable when they walk! Simply keep your arms tight against the side of your body then gently waddle side to side as you walk. As a bonus challenge, try to walk a "penguin egg" on their feet. Place a small ball or stuffed animal on top of your feet and see if you can waddle without dropping the 'egg’.

Donkey Kicks
Donkey kicks are ideal if you are feeling extra energetic. Start by getting on all fours. Then simply kick your legs out and up. Make sure that you have lots of space to do this activity and that you don't knock anything over.

Elephant Walk
This walk is all about swinging your long elephant trunk. Stand with two feet on the ground, hip distance apart. Bend over and put your hands on the ground in front on your feet.

Lift your hands and put your arms together in front of your body and swing your homemade trunk from side to side as you walk. Don't forget to stomp your feet like big elephants as you walk too!