Shapes are great fun. We see them everywhere!

See if you can spot shapes in the objects around you. Can you see any 2-D shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, semicircles, ovals?

For example: Pizza is a CIRCLE and one slice of pizza is a TRIANGLE. Now, you have a go!

Try to find 5 shapes in your bedroom or your home, or even in your favourite foods!

Check out the shapes in the activity sheet, with ALL the materials for this lesson below!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!


Look at some of the wonderful shapes below and see if you can trace them onto the page. You can colour them in with your favourite colours when you're done. 

A Pentagon is a 2-D shape with 5 sides
A Hexagon is a 2-D shape with 6 sides


Fractions are used to represent smaller pieces (or parts) of a whole.

The parts might make up one thing, or more than one thing. Either way, altogether, they make up what's called a whole. 

Look at the pizzas below and fill in the correct fractions. 

The top number says how many slices we have. The bottom number says how many equal slices the whole pizza was cut into. 

Get an adult to help you cut out the different coloured triangles in this Tangram. 

Moving the shapes around, try to make some of the objects in the diagram below. 

  • Cut out different sized triangles 
  • Move the triangles around on a table or flat surface 
  • Try to replicate some of the objects below like house or cat 

Get creative and make any shape or object you like...

Well done! The next time you go for a walk in the park or play in the garden don't forget to look out for all the cool shapes we learned today.