In Múinteoir John's class we learned about Retro Art.

There are so many different styles of art and it is constantly changing. From paintings that hang in museums and protected by security guards to music album covers. 

Different styles of art are called "Art Movements" and include the Renaissance style which include artists like Leonardo Di Vinci and Michaelangelo to Graffiti, which the artist Banksy has made really popular. The painting above is a style known as Pop Art.

So even though they are very different styles, they are all considered art. 

All the material and activities are here in this sheet!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!

Masking Tape Art!

In today's lesson with múinteoir' John, he showed us how to make a cool design using masking tape!

What you will need: Paint, Masking tape, paper, markers 

Step One
Decide what design you would like to make. It can be as complicated as you like or as simple like the initials of your name.

Using a blank sheet of paper, carefully place the masking tape to make your design. Next, pick what colour you would like to choose. In this design, John is using just three colours and is diving the page into three. You can see that John is painting over the tape on the page.

Step Two 
Continue painting your page. Using just three colours gives the page a very striking finish.Once you finish painting your three colours, it's time get fancy! Try splashing some paint onto the page but be careful not to miss the page.

A very famous artist, Jackon Pollock, used this technique and one of his paintings sold for almost €200 million! 

Step Three
The big reveal! Now it is time to peel the tape off the page, revealing nice clear lines of your design. 

Step Four
You can choose to leave the space blank or you can get out your markers and colour the blank space in. Let your imagination go wild! 

Jackson Pollock

Remember we mentioned the artist Jackson Pollock? This is a painting he made using a similar technique we just did. The painting is called "Mural on Indian Red Ground" and is estimated to be worth at least €200 million! 

More Retro Art styles to try...

Back in the 1980s, Video Games were not as advanced as they are today. The graphics were very blocky like Minecraft! But this is now a very popular art style and has made a return to fashion! Sometimes it is called 8-bit style. 

See if you can write your name in 8-bit or even try create a current video game in this retro style. Use the alphabet in the activity sheet! 

Create a vintage poster for your area like this one for Dublin.

Here are some great tips...

Use a border around your poster as it immediately gives in a vintage feel. 

Copy the same phrase but write: "GREETINGS FROM WHERE YOU LIVE" 

The lettering is very old fashion, with clear space through the middle of the lettering. 

Try and pick just three colours to use in your poster.

The outline of buildings is another technique you can use. What is the most well-known building in your area? Try drawing the outline of that.

And finally, you can use big bright sunshine lines like below to make it really stand out! 

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