Maths teachers around the globe can have an uphill battle getting kids to engage with numbers. And the challenge is made even greater when we're in lockdown.

Julie Gould of our Let's Dive In podcast has risen to that challenge, however. Ably assisted by Phil Smyth of Home School Hub, the pair are going to get behind the Math's to push them into the real world.

Each episode, Julie and Phil will explain a difficult concept and show where it came from, how it works and why it's useful for kids to know and use in their day to day lives. And all without the use of a screen!

The first episode delves into Numbers. The actual numerals. Why they make our lives easier and help the world go round.

Expect amazing facts, hilarious sketches and very questionable accents.

Maths Matters will come out every Thursday and it's only on the Home School Hub Podcast.