Karen Tomkins, who made Story Bud in December returns with a new show, this time geared towards younger schoolchildren.

All kids are familiar with English comprehension homework that asks you to put words into sentences. Well, this is a variation on those exercises to offer kids a chance to engage with a simple language lesson without screens for a small window of time.

Each episode, Karen will be ably assisted by two children who will pluck five words at random from the word pot. These words are discussed by the children with Karen, then they put them into sentences. Then it's Karen's turn and she weaves these into a fantastical story.

But listen carefully because right after, she'll quiz her guests and listeners about facts from the story.

Then you're left with the challenge. Make wonderful poetry with the five chosen words.

If you make a poem, send it in to us at junior@rte.ie.

If you read it out into your parents voice recorder on the phone, we can even include it in an upcoming episode!

Five Word Fun will be out each Tuesday only on the Home School Hub Podcast.

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