Water is one of the most amazing substances on the planet and to help you learn more about it The Water Forum have produced three videos all about H20.

Have a look below and why not try some of the experiments!

In the video above Padraic Creedon from Galway Atlantaquaria introduces the three different states of water (ice, water, vapour).

He creates a coloured display to illustrate the different density of freshwater and saltwater and explores how the density of water is impacted by temperature changes.

Professor John Stephens from Maynooth University introduces the chemical structure and the chemistry of water using everyday household products and colourful reactions.

He demonstrates a simple technique to generate hydrogen and oxygen gases from a salt water solution, explains waters ability to dissolve substances and pollutants, as well as discussing ocean and rain acidification by exploring the formation and reaction of acidic & basic water solutions.

The third and final video in the series sees Dr Suzanne Linnane and Dr Caroline Gilleran Stephens from the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies at Dundalk Institute of Technology explore the watery habitats of a local river.

They sample the river bed to find out what is living there and identify bugs that determine the water quality. They also give us all advice on how to become a H2O Hero.

If you are ever walking near a river or any water course make sure to have an adult nearby and always be extra careful.

Learn about water safety HERE!