The Tokyo Olympic Games are up and running!

RTÉ broadcast the opening ceremony today and we all watched as Team Ireland, led by flag bearers Kellie Harrington and Brendan Irvine, bowed to their hosts as they entered the stadium.

Boxer Kellie Harrington suggested it to the group and many people on social media have praised the team for their cultural awareness and respect. They are already winning!

This tradition of bowing is known as 'ojigi' in Japanese and it is an essential part of their culture. It is used to mark everything from respect, gratitude to asking forgiveness.

There are different angles to the bow and the length of time that you bow also show levels of respect. It can also be more informal with friends and peers, but when greeting elders it must be observed.

Team Ireland wanted to acknowledge and thank their hosts. It is something we hope to see a lot more of over the coming weeks during the Olympics as our Irish athletes step on to the podium!

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