It's time to get pedaling and Bike With Your Bestie today!

Bike With Your Bestie from Green-Schools Ireland is asking everyone to get on their bikes and cycle somewhere and share your pictures and journey online!

It's all part of the #andshecycles campaign that wants to encourage young women, particularly teenagers, to cycle and to think about why so many girls think cycling is not for them.

The event is asking them 'switch up the stock image’ of girls on bikes.

The #andshecycles Campaign

The #andshecycles campaign has found that social issues like peer pressure, harassment, and a perception of cycling as 'uncool’ or ‘not for them’ has impacted the number of young women who choose to travel by bike and it's time to change all that.

Apart from the benefits of getting out for a spin in the sun, Green-Schools are sweetening the deal!

They are hosting a giveaway for a bike on their Instagram account and all day they will have spot prizes running for anyone who shares their Bike with their Bestie.

Green-Schools Ireland top tips for getting involved

  • Grab a friend! If you’re nervous about cycling or haven’t done it in a while, recruit a friend to be there for you.
  • Make a day of it! We’re all in staycation mode so why not combine your cycle with a trip to the beach or inland waterway or lake? Maybe there’s a museum or historic site in your town/village you’ve always meant to visit but never have; get there on a bike. Check online to see if there’s bike parking at your chosen location.
  • Map your journey: use an app like Strava or something simple like Google Maps to map your journey, especially if it’s new to you. Check the elevation to make sure you’re not surprised and enjoy discovering new places by bike.
  • Add it to your calendar: if you don’t think you’ve time for a cycle or you’re busy working, add a short lunchtime cycle to your calendar or combine a cycle into your commute to your workplace. You’ll still enjoy it even if it’s scheduled!
  • Don’t have a bike? Enter the Green-Schools Instagram giveaway to win a bike! You should also check out city wide bike hire programmes like those in Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Cork. Ask around; you never know if a relative has a bike they rarely use or with Greenways becoming so popular lots of towns now have multiple bike hire options so you can try before you buy.
  • Stay cool! Thursday is set to be another hot day across Ireland so wear sun protection and don’t cycle beyond a distance you’re already comfortable with. Make sure you have plenty of water on board too.
  • Before hitting the road, do an M check on your bike. You can watch how to do on the Green-Schools Youtube channel in English here agus as Gaeilge anseo.

Keep an eye on social media and use #andshecycles and tag