We have new All-Ireland Camogie champions at Senior, Intermediate and Junior grade. But, all those amazing players had to start somewhere and these skills videos can get you started!

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The players are there after years of practice and working on their skills and our friends in the Camogie Association have shared their Skill Evolution series to help you get to the next level.

Starting from Under 8 all the way up to adult players, they break down some of the most important skills and moves players need in games.

Have a look at the introduction up top and check out some top tips for the overhead catch below!


Make sure to get out and practice and enjoy the summer!

Tell us who your favourite county player is to win a video chat and some cool kit from your hero!

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Skill Evolution is for coaches, teachers, parents and players to improve their skill practices, and is broken down to the player's phase of development upon the Gaelic Games Player Pathway.