It's always great to mix things up around this time of year and have some fun. So check out this jazzy version of Jingle Bells from Múinteoir Emer.

It's an online only bonus track from After School Hub and we really hope you enjoy this version. Emer is using the song to teach us about jazz music.

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According to the Collins Dictionary...

Jazz is a style of music that was invented by African American musicians in the early part of the twentieth century. Jazz music has very strong rhythms and often involves improvisation.

But, the key to it all is improvisation and that's why there are so many styles of it. Musicians and singers can play 'off the cuff', which means the songs and performances can change at any time and make it really great fun to play and listen to.

For more jazz RTÉ Lyric FM is a great place to start. Check out this session...

It wasn't always welcome in Ireland and the government even tried to ban it back in the 1930s! There was a really great RTÉ Radio One documentary about it, you can listen to here...Down With Jazz!

Jingle Bells
The song was written by composer James Lord Pierpont from New England in the USA, who was born in 1822.

In 1857, it was released under the title 'One Horse Open Sleigh'. When it was reissued two years later, the song had the more familiar title of 'Jingle Bells'.

Coming up to Christmas in 1965, two astronauts aboard the space craft Gemini 6 played their own version of it and Jingle Bells would go down in history as the first song broadcast in space!

Make sure to sing it over the holidays and maybe try out some of your own versions.

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