In years past, Christmas was the only show in town in Ireland. And all that that meant.

Midnight Mass, Santy, Selection Boxes and Christmas outfits.

But we're a far more diverse bunch these days.

All across the country, different cultures are celebrating Midwinter in different ways. Ways that reflect their Mother tongue and the traditions they've brought with them.

Whether the Tamil celebration Karthigai Deepam (otherwise knows as the Festival of Lights) or the different days that prove important across Poland, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Czechoslovakia or the Netherlands, we've tried to hear from a selection of kids across the country to see how they'll be having fun over the festive season.

Everyone needs a little light in the dark Midwinter. What brings yours?

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This is only the beginning for Mothertongues and the crew are really keen to learn about more cultures and languages.If you would like to get involved and share your Mother Tongue contact us here:

Thanks so much to all the families who have taken part so far and to everyone at for helping connect the dots. They do amazing work and this is only a small addition to the help they give multilingual families across the country.