MC from Martin's Shed is going to share some great Christmas memories with us all...

It's hard to imagine a time or a Christmas before Martin, as it really feels like I’ve known him years at this point (that could be a good or a bad thing...) 

But here are some of my top Christmas moments.

Mini MC aged five with her Furby.

Number five
The first Christmas I can remember, my granny Alice joined us for Christmas dinner. I had gotten a Furby from Santa and I was showing it off and trying to explain to my bewildered granny what exactly it was! It's constant chattering however wore thin pretty fast and I recall it’s batteries being taken out by the end of the day... 

Number four
I would get up ridiculously early on Christmas mornings as a kid to see what presents Santa had brought. I used to measure how long I’d be up by how long it would be before my dad, a farmer, would get up to milk the cows. One year it literally felt like I was waiting for five hours for dad to get up, I think I was asleep before dinner that year!

Number three
I recall the Den Christmas special 1999 really clearly. Dustin and the gang were helping Santa to renew his contract before the new millennium hit. They saved the day and managed to get a new contract until the year 3000, so Santa could keep making toys for years to come. This Christmas special still randomly pops into my head to this day, just shows the lasting impact of Y2K!

Number two
The first year I helped my mother bake in the kitchen on Christmas Eve didn’t go well. I could go into the ins and outs of what went wrong and who was to blame, but let’s just say salt ended up in the apple crumble instead of sugar and there were some unhappy Fitzpatrick’s to say the least!

Number one
It’s hard to choose just one Christmas memory as number one. But I suppose a special one that sticks out it is receiving a digital camera as a Christmas gift from my parents when I was 16. I used this camera to go on to make my first YouTube videos that summer. YouTube would eventually be how I got into TV, presenting shows and hacking into the airways with Martin. A very special gift indeed.