St Patrick though he banished all the snaked from Ireland, but Wild Hub on After School Hub found some friendly ones to teach you about these amazing creatures.

Mélanie from Reptile Haven is back and she has Múinteoir John to give her a hand. We are not sure how he is going to get on...

Up top you can see how snakes shed their skin and different times in their lives. They basically grow out of it and just shed right before the show, so John get's to see their make-over.

Then, below you can see the massive Burmese Python. She has amazing and unusual colours because she is in fact an albino of the species and this means she would have no camoflage in the wild. At over 13 feet long she is a gentle giant.


The mad thing about Mrs Burms and other Burmese Pythons is that they never stop growing. The largest recorded Burmese in captivity is 20 foot, so almost twice the length (and girth!) of our girl but that not all will reach that size, most likely she will end up around 16 foot which is still a lot of snake!