It's off to mainland Europe, and to one of the low countries to be exact in this episode of Mothertongues. Let's meet Eabha (9) who can speak Dutch and who has a little sister that she dotes on. 

Her mum Maartje is from Holland, also known as the Netherlands and, in normal circumstances, they visit often to see the rest of their family.

Her dad is from Cork...another remote land...(only kidding here!)

She's crazy about animals. And dancing. And Dutch food. It's a country that loves to cycle. A lot easier in Holland as there are no hills at all!

Apart from their love of bikes, people in the Netherlands are also famous for flowers. The tulip is their national flower and they export over two billion of them around the world each year!
There are over 3,000 different types of tulips and they grow from a bulb instead of a seed. This means you can save the bulbs and grow them again year after year.

If you ever go over to the Netherlands here are some easy phrases
Hello = Hallo
Thank you = Dank je
Goodbye = Vaarwel

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