In this Wild Hub with Mélanie she tells us all about Blaze, who is her panther chameleon. He might stand out in the studio, but back home in Madagascar he is really hard to find.

Unlike movies lead us to believe they cannot change colours based on what you place beside them, they only have the colours that would be found in their natural environment.

In this case it means the flowers and fauna in Madagascar, their native country. There are even differences in colours of panther chameleons found in different regions of Madagascar, as again it reflects the environment where they are found in in the wild.

Panther chameleons even use different colours to indicate their emotions, temperature and light intensity.

Blaze is ready for his close-up!

Blaze is not great on flat land so he prefers to stay up in the trees. To help him do that he has special feet for gripping on to branches. Panther chameleons also have what's known as a prehensile tail. They use this tail to anchor themselves and it actually helps them drop down to sneak up on their food.

They like to eat bugs like locusts and crickets but there are other animals who might like to eat them too! That's the reason they like trees, so they can be up high to keep an eye on everything. In fact they can move their eyes independently of each other, this means they can keep an eye on two things at once!

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