Practice makes perfect and, with thanks to the FAI Aviva Soccer Sisters, we are bringing you some top training tips on After School Hub.

Your coach is Irish WNT legend Áine O'Gorman who has played over 100 times for her country and plays her club football with Dublin's Peamount United.

You can check her full profile here!

In the first drill, at the top of this article, she shows the Soccer Sisters how to work on their close control when you are changing direction. It's all about little touches and not kicking it too far in front of you.

After we have control of the ball it is time to try some fancy stuff that will help fool the other team and get you running clear on goal.

Áine shows the Soccer Sisters how do a step-over and 'sell' a dummy to pretend you are going one way, but actually you are going the other way. You see it loads from the players on telly, so give it a go!

These drills are suitable for everyone, boys and girls, and it's never too early to start playing. Just remember that everyone needs to practice before they get really good, so make sure to keep it up!

Áine's other session is here HERE

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