The Hub Lab is going to show you some dancing raisins and a fizzy fountain to finish off!

Let's start with the easy bit. How is it possible to make some dried fruit bust a move?! Well, Phil of Science is here to explain more and also give you a nice simple experiment to try yourself at home.

All you need is a glass, some fizzy water and of course some raisins.

The raisins are heavier than the drink so they sink to the bottom. At the bottom of the fizzy drink they collect bubbles of carbon dioxide and now the 'raisins and bubbles' are lighter than the drink so they rise to the surface.

THEN Phil goes for something a bit more explosive and you will need to make sure you are ready to clean up this one, in fact this is something not to be tried at home...

You can download more instructions and more information on this fun experiment here.

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