The first episode of Let's Dive In is here! Hosted by Julie Gould and Phil Smyth, this podcasts answers all your scientific questions.

Here we ask where does your voice come from? Our co-host Julie tells us more and gives you some fun things to try at home.

Julie LOVES telling kids all about science.

Some of us (nod to Phil) enjoy a good chat. We could talk for Ireland, so they say. Others have the voice of angels (no nod to either of us here!).

How do we make these sounds? These words? And why are they all so different?
Imagine you chopped off your head, just below the chin (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!), says Mark Huckvale in this episode.

You would see your voice box, or larynx that sits inside your throat. Inside your voice box are two little fleshy flaps (sounds delightful, doesn’t it?), and when you breathe air through these flaps they flap back and forth, or vibrate.

"A bit like a buzzing fly," says Mark. Now, pop those heads back on, and all of a sudden there’s a tube for these vibrations to go through. These "tubes" are our throat and face, and they have lots of different holes and shapes. So as the vibrations travel through the "holes in our face" we make different sounds.

Let's try this out...

Make your mouth into an "O" shape. Now make a sound.

Make your mouth open wide with your tongue down and at the back of your mouth. Now you make a different sound.

Close your mouth and make a sound.

Close your mouth and nose and make a sound.

When we put these sounds together we make noises, eh Phil? Words, really!

And we use these to communicate, to share information with each other.

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