The big night is finally here and everyone is excited about Halloween. With all the talk of púcaí, ghosts, goblins, werewolves and vampires some of you may be a little concerned.

So, should you need any help with supernatural entities and strange happenings Martin and MC from Martin's Shed were pleased to launch Púcabusters on After School Hub.

They very cleverly used the show to film their own advertisement which may have breached some RTÉ guidelines, but now you know who to call...

As a bonus here are Martin's Top Five ways to enjoy Halloween 2021 - in reverse order...

5. Ignore it! (But if you can’t...see points 4, 3, 2 and 1)
4. Don’t eat all your sweets in one go (Trust me on this one!)
3. Watch out for Pucaí (they’re tricksters and can take many forms!)
2. Be ready to sing the Púca Busters song very loudly - it makes them go away!!
1. Laugh a lot and fall down or fall down and laugh a lot which ever work for you.

And a Happy Halloween from MC!

This clip is from RTÉ After School Hub and you can watch all the episodes on RTÉ Player HERE!