The Boy Explorer has returned and he needs your help. He had been wondering how we'd celebrate Halloween this year. Well, he’s come up with a brilliant idea: along with magic-makers Macnas, he’s inviting dreamers of every age, from zero to 100 years old, to use the magic of imagination to bring him and his friends to life.

Welcome to this special four part series, from magic-makers Macnas, created for Bram Stoker Festival 2020!

Below Victoria will guide you in 'Creating Your Story'. 


Inspired by the friends and adventures of The Boy Explorer, let your imagination run wild as you start to think about what wonderful, otherworldly character you want to create this Halloween.

What do they look like? What’s their name? How do they walk? Where do they come from? Every character needs a backstory! What is yours?

To take part there are the materials you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Lots of imagination!


In the second video Judith and Miquel will guide you in how to bring your character to life using your body! How does your character move?

Does it dance, creep, hop, wobble? Thinking creatively about movement can really bring your magical character to life!


Masks can be a key part of your character transformation, and are easy to make from things you have at home, with a big impact!

Materials you will need:
A3 sheet of card in the colour of your mask OR two sides of a cereal box!
A4 card in assorted colours OR use a cereal box and have fun painting it bright colours.
Scissors Pencil Paper plate (about 9 inch diameter) or a piece of cardboard cut into a circle.
Elastic Stapler (when stapling, close the staples on the outside of mask to avoid scraping face) Glue (PVA [takes a while to dry but is washable] or UHU [dries quickly, does not wash out of clothes, tendency to go stringy, and smells a bit] or Copydex [dries faster than PVA, does not wash out of clothes, and smells a bit]). Materials for decorating the mask, feathers, leaves, string, glitter, paint etc. Lots of patience!


Now, it's time to really make some noise. Macnas are famous for their parades with loads of big drums as they march to their own beat.

Today Éimhín will guide you in Sounds, Drumming and Body Beats!

You've got the moves, you’ve got the look, but now your own personal Hallowe’en celebration needs some beats! Éimhín will teach you how to make sounds and rhythms suitable for any spectacle for your character’s very musical Macnas debut this Halloween.

On Hallowe’en 31st October, we invite you to upload your creations to social media using the hashtag #BramStokerMacnas, for the whole world to see!

Bram Stoker Festival is an initiative of Dublin City Council and Fáilte Ireland. Supported by RTE Supporting the Arts.

Macnas is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Galway City Council, Galway County Council and Culture Ireland.