The Natural History Museum AKA the Dead Zoo came alive! 
It is coming up to Halloween and you are getting special access to see some giant deer skeletons.

Find out what was the biggest type of deer to ever live, and what did they look like?
Explore the Giant Irish Deer skeletons in the collections of the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, and get the chance to inspect antlers from the education handling collections during this live session with museum educators.

Just click on the video below and the live stream will launch when the time comes...


Find out what makes the Giant Irish Deer's antlers unique. Then, learn how to make your very own set of wearable of Giant Irish Deer antlers this Halloween by taking part in our craft activity, and bring these extinct animals back to life to roam the country this Oíche Shamhna!

Design a set of antlers inspired by the Giant Irish Deer fossil skeletons on display in the Irish Room at the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History. Watch the short video and learn how to make wearable antlers in this step-by-step tutorial with artist and museum guide Renata Pekowska.

Here's what you will need to make your own mask with antlers:
Short sticks/twigs

ALWAYS make sure an adult is there to help if you are using a scissors!