Today is a very special day in Ireland, as 21 October will go down in history as the first Lámh Day.

Lámh is the sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and  for people who have difficulty communicating.

With Lámh, you always speak when you are signing and only key words in a sentence are signed. Some Lámh users use the signs as their main way of communicating, while others use Lámh with speech and other ways of communicating. 

Lámh opens up a person's world and is a powerful communication tool. People are able to use signs to ask for what they want, to answer questions and to take part in conversations. It helps the Lámh user to understand what is being said and to be understood.

How can you get involved in Lámh Day?
The theme for Lámh Day 2020 is: What is your favourite sign?

Not everyone will have seen this different way to sign before so you can learn how to say hello in this video with Dublin GAA legend Dean Rock.


You can go to learn more signs and words.

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