Pollination is crucial for food production and for our wild flowering plants and bees play a massive role in this ecosystem.

Unfortunately, in Ireland, our bee species have undergone substantial declines since the 1980s. We have already lost two bee species through extinction and one-third of our 98 wild bee species are now at serious risk.

Now in it's final year, the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is here to help reverse these declines! The first Plan covers the period 2015-2020 and a new version will be developed to cover 2021-2025. It identified 81 evidence-based actions – across Public and Private land – that will create an Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive.

The aim is to create a network of pollinator-friendly habitats and to bring back the food and shelter that is now missing from the landscape. If we want to help our bees help us produce crops there are a few simple things that we can do to make Ireland more pollinator-friendly.

In short, bees need pollen-rich flowers, in bloom from early spring right through to late autumn! We have produced a series of guidelines explaining how you can help. There are also lots of resources and tips on our website, as well as 'How-to' guides to help you get busy and do your part.

Download your Junior Pollinator plan here!

You can visit www.pollinators.ie/ to find out more and keep and the all-new pollinator plan will be coming in 2021.

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is coordinated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre www.biodiversityireland.ie. Without bees and other pollinators the food business in Ireland would be in big trouble. The biodiversity they drive can be attributed to €2.6 billion in terms of economic activity. 

You can watch Múinteoir John's lesson on the importance of bees on After School Hub and it can be watched any time on RTÉ Player