Martin and MC are here with another Top Five, and this time they are getting into the superhero buzz, specifically Superdogs!

Check out their list below...

In at number five is the Wild Woofer
The mighty hound of Cork patrols the street and keeps everyone safe and also has a promising career in Opera.

Skippy Spider Spaniel comes in at number four
This dog is an incredible climber and is famous for rescuing cats out of trees (no no they don't jump to get away from him!)

Terry the Terrific is in third spot
A terrier, Terry is a top class swimmer who spends his days retrieving plastic out of the sea.

Number two on the list is Alice Alsatian
She is an art expert, she can sniff out a fake masterpiece no bother – she is in demand in galleries worldwide. top spot we have Penguin Dog!
Peadar, the intrepid spy dog – as a penguin he finds he can mingle anywhere undetected and gather vital information to solve all sorts of crimes!

Of course, there are lots of dogs who may not be called superheroes but they carry out really important jobs all over the world.
Check out this RTÉ report about dogs being traiend to find people in the snow after avalanches.

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