When you think about, there are so many everyday tasks that involve us having to repeat the same instruction multiple times. 

For example, when a person has to walk up a set of stairs, they might need to "step with their right foot, step with their left foot" and then repeat this numerous times. With computer programs, we often want to get the program (which could be a part of a video game, an app or website) to repeat instructions too and instead of writing the same thing out multiple times we use loops! 

In this episode of DreamSpace TV, we want you to create your own obstacle for your very own obstacle course. We want someone to take on your obstacle course and for each obstacle we want you to include some sort of a loop (eg skip ten times)! Before you can design and build your obstacle though, you really need to make a clear plan of how the obstacle course will look and then which obstacles you might make for it. 

In addition to this, for the game to work properly and be really clear for all the players, you will need to include loops and make sure whoever carries out your obstacle course knows really clearly what the loops are at each stage.

Research: Pick one sporting activity you do (eg gymnastics, dance, football or camogie, etc) and identify some drills you do in a warm-up that involve loops. 

So, whether in school or at home, join the DreamSpace team in Episode Three of DreamSpace TV to learn about what loops are and how they are a crucial aspect of this challenge - The Obstacle Course Challenge.


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