Martin and MC have just returned from an amazing trip to the Planet Mars. While they were there they had the opportunity to go to an Interplanetary Restaurant and so got to try lots of unusual foods from all over the Solar System. 

Before we get into the Top Five...have a look at Pizza Night for real life astronauts aboard the International Space Station. It seems a lot more tempting than what's on the menu here...


Kicking off at Number five...Venus Peanuts

This was the best snack food we've ever tasted. Bowls of these large blue peanuts were just on the table when we arrived. They tasted like a combination of salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, prawn cocktail and strawberry jam but it really worked! The only problem was that they made extremely loud popping noises as you ate them which made it impossible to have a conversation.

Number four...Merc-curry

Served in what appeared to be invisible bowls, this bright yellow in curry surprised us because when you stir it, music comes out of it! Delicious flavours a bit like strawberries, tomatoes, bananas and chicken all combined. Slimey texture but worth it for the taste and the music.

Number three...Neptuna Steaks

Unlike the tuna fish that we eat on earth Neptuna Steaks are made from a massive mushroom type vegetable. It looks a bit like a pizza except that it was the size of the table! It was covered in what looked like knitting wool and whipped cream – multicoloured and very smelly but it was delicious.

Number two...Saturn Sausages

These were great fun to try to eat as you have to catch them first! They're green and circular and roll around the table quite quickly. They vary in size and speed and it was tough enough to catch one but they tasted amazing – meaty but with bubbles. Number One...Mars Marshmallows

The best food of all though was Mars Marshmallows. Our favourite was a red one the size of a tennis ball and it had the most delicious flavours we've ever tasted, it was like ice cream and custard and brownies and chocolate rice crispie buns combined but even better! The texture was a bit softer than earth marshmallows and they come in lots of different sizes, colours and flavours – savoury and sweet!

If you ever fancy making a trip to Mars yourself, NASA have made this really handy video to get you ready for your trip...