It's always worth learning about new cultures and new languages. Mothertongues will introduce some new things to everyone and this podcast features a language many of us have may not heard before...

Amahle and her mum Mavis speak Xhosa, a language that contains "click consonants".

It's spoken by over 8 million people in South Africa. But Amahle likes to sing more than anything else!

The Xhosa language is actually spoken by a the blockbuster movie Black Panther the people in the fictional country of Wakanda used Xhosa in some scenes.

So if you want to try to speak like a superhero here you go...



GOODBYE = BHAYI BHAYINI in general or SALANI KAKUHLE if you are leaving a place.

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Thanks so much to all the families who have taken part so far and to everyone at for helping connect the dots. They do amazing work and this is only a small addition to the help they give multilingual families across the country.