Learn how to create a pitfall trap in your garden to catch live ground beetles (carabids) and other invertebrates for a closer look.

Have a look at the video from Nessa Darcy. She says her mission is to reintroduce humans to their natural habitat through colourful encounters with insects, one of the most diverse and underappreciated group of living things.

Try out the trap in different types of vegetation to discover which species live in which habitat. Find out why ground beetles are helpful to have around the garden and what we can do to make them feel at home.

Here's a list of what you need:

  • Plastic cup/yogurt pot/jar; trowel
  • A piece of medium diameter chicken-wire
  • A square of plastic or a large stone (for rain cover)
  • Chopsticks/bamboo skewers/smaller stones (to hold up rain cover)
  • A pale coloured tray or basin

This is a Heritage in Schools tutorial from the Heritage Council presented by Heritage in Schools Specialist Nessa Darcy.