There are so many little creatures all around us all the time. Pick up a rock or a container and you will see them crawling away. In this video we show how to find woodlice as well as learning a bit more about them.

Woodlice can be found in most locations outside ...even if you don't have a big garden they can be found in all kinds of damp and sticky places.

Join Martina Butler and her friend Daithí on the hunt for these mini-beasts in their garden. 

More about the little creatures...
There are some 3,500 species of woodlice in the world, with 32 recorded here in Ireland.

Woodlice have a hard exterior skeleton, like insects and spiders, but in woodlice this lets water vapour through, which makes them particularly vulnerable to drying out.

Because of this they tend to avoid bright, dry conditions and congregate during the day in moist, dark places like compost heaps, under logs and stones or in cracks and crevices where the danger of drying out is minimal.

This is a Heritage in Schools tutorial from the Heritage Council presented by Heritage in Schools Specialist Martina Butler.

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