Tommy Baker's 'your man’s puppets’ act performs a new mad mix of stories, puppetry and live music. A mixture of spontaneity and deliberate chaos is used to bring stories to life using the old methods of the traditional storytelling craft while giving them a modern twist using a contemporary, ever changing Soundscape.

Using elements like beat boxing, throat singing, didgeridoo, a touch of electronics and many more widely inappropriate tools, he enhances the storytelling experience.

For Cruinniú na nOg 2020 Tommy is showing viewers a very easy way to create your own basic puppet with everyday materials. How you enhance and decorate your puppet is up to you!

He also shows you the basics of Puppet movement which allows your new character to come alive and experience its own crazy adventures! This in turn has the potential to turn into mysterious story telling territory but nonetheless, we’re excited and ready to sail away with all of you there.