How to take part in the 2 Minute Beach Clean?

  • Follow Clean Coasts – @cleancoasts on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook
  • Do a 2 minute beach clean
  • Take a snap of the marine litter you collect
  • Post your snap on Instagram/Twitter using the hashtag #2minutebeachclean @CleanCoasts or post your picture to our Clean Coast Facebook page including the hashtags in the post – don't forget to tell us where you took your snapped your shot.
  • Dispose of the waste you collected properly, recycle it/bin it!
  • Be safe when you do your #2minutebeachclean

The #2minutebeachclean idea is simple and inspiring from Martin Dorey. Since sharing his idea many more people have been getting involved and Clean Coasts are delighted to be part of this fantastic initiative. To find out more about the #2minutebeachclean international campaign please go to