Children's Books Ireland and the Smurfit Kappa Foundation have shared these great boredom busters for you to enjoy at home and to help you create your own story fun. Enjoy!

Book Dominoes 

In a 'normal' game of dominoes, you can only set down a domino beside another one if a number connects them: a 6 beside a 6, a 2 beside a 2, and so on. But how does it work with books?

What you need: At least 10 books of any kind 1 or more player

What you do: 

1. Gather at least 10 books. You can use your own books, borrow from your family, use school books … You could also add some DVDs or game boxes. 

2. Put the books in a pile, cover down. 

3. Take the book on top of the pile and set it down, cover up, on the floor or the table. 

4. Now take another book from the pile. Look at the cover. Is there any way you can connect it to the cover of the first book? Maybe it’s by the same author, or there are similar colours, or the topics are the same … 

5. If you can find a connection, set the second book beside the first and pick up a third book. 

6. If you can’t find a connection, keep the second book for later and try again with a third book. 

7. Once you can set down a second book beside the first, you have two options for placing a third book, at either end of your line of ‘dominoes’. 

8. Continue until you have found a place for each book.

Top tip 

Try and be as creative as you can with your connections (for example: ‘In both books, the hero hates pizza’ or ‘I never finished reading either of these books’). Try to avoid connections that are too obvious (for example: ‘Both books are rectangular’ or ‘They both have words on the cover’).

Make a Scene

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. Book covers are meant to tell readers something about the book, if possible something exciting, beautiful or interesting. We’ve all seen terrible ones. Now it’s your chance to make a good one … but without a drawing.

What you need: Your imagination and whatever you have in the house that might be useful

What you do: 

1. Pick your favourite book. It doesn’t matter if you have it at home or not. It can be a novel, a comic, a fact book, poetry … anything. 

2. Think about your favourite moment in that book. Picture it in your head. You can write down some notes if you want. What’s happening? Where? Who is there? What is everyone doing? Do they have special clothes or objects? 

3. Now your mission is to recreate that scene with whatever you have at home: toys, Lego, minifigures, teddies, cushions, rubbers, kitchen utensils (nothing dangerous!), or whatever else you can think of!

Top tip

You can be very precise in the detail you add to your scene and make a picture of the background on a piece of light cardboard (the inside of a cereal box is perfect). Or you can go minimalist and pick two or three details in the costumes, action or background. Maybe it’s all you need. For example: give a minifigure a tiny stick and make a pointy hat out of black paper to stick on its head, and everyone will know which famous boy wizard you’re talking about.

Another way:

Guess the Book: Can anyone guess what book you’ve picked just by looking at your scene? And, whether they do or don’t, would they like to read it? - Human Up! Create your scene with people instead of toys! Dress up and use your home for the background décor.

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