Múinteoir John's lesson today was all about light. 

Light is a type of energy that makes it possible for us to see everything around us. Light comes from different sources called light sources. Light can come from a natural source or a manmade source.  

Interesting Fact - did you know that, although it looks like it is shining brightly in the sky at night, the moon is NOT a light source.  The moon does not make its own light, it only reflects light from the sun.  So, without the sun we would not see the moon, the moon would be in darkness (and so would we!). 

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Quiz - Lightning Round

 Fill in the blanks

Pick from these words: bending, crooked, shadow, straight, reflect, scattered, rub, pattern, sliding. 

  1. Light travels in  ____________ lines. 
  2. Light must _________ off an object and into our eyes for us to see it.
  3. If light rays hit a rough or uneven surface, the reflected light rays will be __________ in many directions.  
  4. Light cannot pass through some materials and this creates a ___________.
  5. Refraction is the ________________ of light rays when they pass from through material to another e.g from air to water. 

Arrow Refraction Experiment 

What you need – Paper, marker, 2 glasses - one empty one full of water


  1. Draw an arrow on the paper and prop it up against something
  2. Put the empty glass in front of the arrow.  
  3. Pour the water into the glass.
  4. The arrow changes direction!
  5. Magic?  No, it's science!

Why does the arrow change direction?

The arrow looks like it has changed direction because of refraction.  Refraction happens when light travels through different things, in this case from air to and water. The light bends when it enters the water and then bends again when it leaves the water, which is why the image ends up looking flipped.  

Art Exercise - Shadow Tracing

What you need – light (e.g the sun or lamp), paper, markers, some toys or flowers or anything that isn't see through and that has an interesting shape to trace. 

Method – Set up your object and light source so that a good shadow is cast onto your page.   Get your pen and trace around the shadow on the page.  Colour in or decorate your picture however you want! Easy peasy!

Find the bunny's shadow

Send us pictures or videos of what you have done. Ask your parents to help you send them to

Answers: Natural sources of light – sun, stars, lightning.  Lightning Round Quiz: 1) straight 2) reflect 3) scattered 4) shadow 5) bending.  Bunny shadow = no. 5