Game On

Today we learned that games are important in our lives. They keep us active; they help us work as a team and most of all they are a lot of fun. There are lots of skills involved in playing games and although we might be indoors for a while without our teams and friends, we can still develop the skills involved in our very own home.

Remember, always make sure to drink water when exercising to keep hydrated, and if anything hurts, don't do it!

Warm-Up Game: Copy Cats!

  • Everyone stands in a circle (or whatever shape you can make with the amount of people you have).
  • Stand arm's length apart so you have enough room to move. 
  • Choose one leader and they stand in front of everyone or in the middle of the circle if you have formed a circle.
  • The leader does an exercise and the rest of the people follow. 
  • The exercise can be anything from jumping jacks to sit-ups. 
  • Do that for 20 to 30 seconds then the leader shouts: "STOP!" 
  • The leader then chooses a new leader to come up with their own exercises for the class to do. 
  • Play the game until everyone has had a chance to be the leader.

Indoor Game: Don't Let It Drop

  • Each player gets an inflated balloon.
  • Turn on some music to go with the game.
  • Players start dancing and as they do they have to juggle the balloon.
  • The object of the game is not to let the balloon fall to the ground.
  • Whoever can dance with the balloon for the longest time wins the game.
  • It can be made more difficult by asking players not to use their palms, or not to use their hands at all!

Outdoor Game: Duck, Duck, Goose!

  • You need a few people for this game.
  • Everyone sits in a circle facing inwards and one player walks around the circle tapping each person on the shoulder and saying 'Duck' each time.
  • The player then taps someone and shouts: "GOOSE!"
  • The person that was chosen has to get up and run after the person who tapped them, and tag them before they sit down in the empty space in the circle.
  • If they tag them before they sit down, the person who has been caught becomes the tapper and has to choose a goose.
  • If they don’t tag them, then they are the tapper again.

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