Storytime: The Little Black Sheep of Connemara

Now that you have heard Múinteoir Ray reading The Little Black Sheep of Connemara story by Elizabeth Shaw, write what you think is happening in each of these pictures from the story.


Spot The Difference

Look at the pictures below and see if you can spot all 6 things that are different between the top picture and the bottom one.  Answers are at the bottom of the sheet if you want to check them when you're done!

News Report

Why not create a TV news report about The Little Black Sheep of Connemara story that we read in class today?  You could record yourself presenting a news report and include an imaginary interview with your favourite character from the story.  Maybe you talk to the little black sheep about the storm, maybe you talk to Polo the dog or perhaps it's the shepherd that you interview.  

Farmyard Funnies

Have a giggle at these farmyard funnies!

Where do cows go for entertainment?  To the moo-vies!

Who stole the soap?  The robber ducky!

Which farm animal is always the quietest? A shhhheep.

Send us pictures or videos of what you have done.  Ask your parents to help you send them to

Spot the difference answers