This weekend children joined Ireland's Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health and Chair of the National Public Health Emergency Team, Dr Tony Holohan, as he answered their questions about Covid-19 and more. The event was hosted by UCD Research and Innovation and science journalist Dr Claire O'Connell, as part of UCD Festival on Saturday.

Kids zoomed in to have their own briefing with Dr Tony and askes all the questions on their minds during the Covid-19 pandemic. They came up with excellent and searching questions for Dr Holohan, and also busily created Covid-19 related drawings throughout the session which are available to see at

Here are the questions that were put to Tony by the panel of kids: 

Faris: How did coronavirus happen?

Cillian: Do we have to start wearing masks? And if so, why?

Cian and Michael: What is the difference between a surgical mask and a good homemade mask made of cotton? If I was to make a mask what material should I use?

Ted & Edi: Is it safe for doctors to go to work? How many doctors got the coronavirus?

Evelyn and Edison: Why did you want to be a doctor & How did you become Chief Medical Officer?

Josh: When you're on TV do you get nervous and when you go home what do you do for fun?

Sean Sophie & Emma: What sport did you play when you were growing up?

Audrey: Can cats and dogs get COVID-19?  Can they transmit the disease to people?

Gerard: My cousins live in Dublin. When do you think I will be able to visit them?

Ines & Tristan: We always spend our summer in Spain with my grandparents when will I be able to fly to visit them?

Barra & Killian: Will a vaccine protect us and allow us to see our friends? when will we have one and will everyone get it (be vaccinated) once it is made"?

Judy and Milo: When can we go back to school?

Aoibhinn: Are we going to have an anti body test for people and would this help to get a more precise number of actual cases?

Aanya & Aarav: Will my GAA club be allowed to open soon?

Sam and Alex: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Sophie & Lucy: Are you worried about getting the corona virus because you are a doctor? they didn't get to be onscreen as their sound failed

Mary and Cormac: Is it difficult to keep away from people in work?

The answers to all these excellent questions can be watched at the link below:

Credit: The office of UCD Research and Innovation works with the university's academics to enable them in their pursuit of fundamental discoveries and new innovations for the benefit of all society, including vital research around Covid-19 testing and treatment.