What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the languages we can use when programming. It is used frequently to create websites and apps and in particular it can make these things dynamic and interactive. When we are using MakeCode, we have the ability to toggle and switch from block based programming to text based programming with JavaScript. 

You can learn lots about how JavaScript works in the MakeCode Arcade editor here. However, in today's lesson we will work through some examples of how you can use blocks to support your transition into understanding how JavaScript works. 

Without further ado, let’s get started on Game 3 of our HomeSpace series and see what we can create. 

As outlined, in this lesson's home challenge, the DreamSpace team want you to build on what we have done here and program for another enemy that is on the water in JavaScript. Use the code that has already been completed for our first enemy (i.e. car) and see can you manipulate that to create your new enemy.

If you can’t complete it in JavaScript, don’t worry, you can always toggle back to block. In our next lesson, we will complete this with you! Good luck.