What did you do within your 2k limit? Sisters Lyla, Freya and Maebh set out 2k North, South, East and West of their home in Mayo during lockdown on a voyage of discovery!

2K North 

Lyla, Freya and Maebh, head north from their house to see all they can do within their 2k limit. Marbles, birds and a net full of  water creatures. 

2K South 

Lyla, Freya and Maebh, head South. They meet neighbours at a safe distance, bake and get splashy on the lake! 

2K East

The girls explore East of their home today. Wildflowers, Bees and they make a walkie talkie! 

2K West 

In the final installment we go West. The girls talk Bats, Berlin and they get to camp outside! What have you found West of your house? Let us know by emailing junior@rte.ie