Activity: Put on a Play

In today's Homeschool Hub lesson, Múinteoir Ray told us all about the Three Little Pigs story.  This is a great story to act out with your family, because even if there are only two of you in your home, you can each pretend to be different characters.

Here's what you should think about when putting on your piggy play!


  • Pig 1
  • Pig 2
  • Pig 3
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Mammy Pig
  • Narrator


This can be a forest, but it could also be a beach or a mountain or under water!  Anywhere you could build a house.  Use your imagination!


  • The three little pigs move out of home.
  • They each have to build their own house.
  • One builds a house of straw, the other builds a house from sticks and the third works very hard and builds his house out of bricks.
  • The wolf blows down the straw and sticks houses but cannot blow down the brick house.
  • The wolf tries to climb down the chimney of the brick house, but falls into a pot of boiling water.
  • The moral of the story:  Hard work pays off.  The pig that built the brick house and worked the hardest, saved himself and the other two pigs as well!

Maybe you could record your drama and send them into us on the RTÉ Home School Hub website!  We'd love to see it. 

Game: Bring Home The Bacon! (3+ Players)

  • Players line up opposite each other behind a line on either side and there is an object in the middle that is the "bacon" (we recommend using an object like a book or a ball as opposed to using real bacon.  That might get messy!).  
  • Another person is the referee standing to the side.
  • Once everyone is ready, the referee shouts "BRING HOME THE BACON!!" and a player from each side must race from their line to the centre to retrieve the bacon. 
  • The player who gets the "bacon" first must race back behind their team line, without being tagged by their opponent.
  • That team then get a point.  If the player is tagged, the team gets no points.

Tip: If there is more than one person on each side, the referee can give numbers to the team members.  For example, one side would have 1 and 2 and the other side would also have 1 and 2.  Then, the referee will shout "BRING HOME THE BACON, NUMBER 1s!" and the number 1s must run out to bring home the bacon without being tagged by the other number 1, and so on.

Have fun!

Cartoon Colouring

Here's a Three Little Pigs cartoon for you to colour in.  Enjoy!

Send us pictures or videos of what you have done.  Ask your parents to help you send them to