What are 'wearables'?

Wearables are items that can be worn. In recent times, people look at how technology can be fused with wearables to help people in their everyday lives. So, wearable technology is now often worn as an accessory or embedded in our clothing. 

Can you think of any examples of wearable technology?

The micro:bit is small enough for wearable technology projects. We could create a wristband that it can attach to so when we shake our wrist it displays a different exercise we have to do like in a previous lesson. We could add it to a glove/scarf so that when we use radio to communicate with someone else we can quickly see the message and send one back. Here are some example wearable projects that you can do on the micro:bit website.

Can you begin your own wearable project at home? You don't need a real micro:bit just yet. You can use it’s dimensions to mark out the space for it. 

Try this out at home: 

What you will need: Tape, paper, markers/colouring pencils, scissors (ask a parent/guardian first) and any items that you think will help you make a good wristband for the micro:bit e.g. card, an old item of clothing (ask a parent/guardian first). 

1) Gather all your items.

2) If you don't have a real micro:bit, re-create one on paper using the width and length shown below:

3) Create a wristband for your micro:bit using the materials. You can use other materials around your home that might help as well e.g. string.

4) Make sure your micro:bit (either real or re-created like in step 2) is positioned facing upwards towards your face (like the face of a watch). 

Congratulations! You have made your first wearable. In the challenges we look at today, we are combining all we have learnt so far to see if technology could help in certain real-life situations. Being able to construct something with our micro:bit would help even more. Watch the below and see what you think.

So, now we have combined our knowledge of conditions in lesson three with radio in lesson four to make an even more advanced coding project. For your home challenge, we want you to bring those things together and all you have done with wearable technology above to:

  • Imagine you are a nurse with a hectic work schedule.
  • You want to program the micro:bit to send a message to you if one of your patients falls out of their bed.

Download the PDF to support you with this challenge.