In today's Home School Hub, Múinteoir John taught us all about different sounds and asked if you could make your own instrument at home.

So now that you have an instrument, all you need is a song and luckily our friends over at Fighting Words have you covered. You can learn how to write a song with father-daughter team Colm and Kaifina.

Follow their lead as they go through the full process of writing a song and teach us the different things we need to think about when song-writing. Colm and Kaifina talk us through how to take the piece from words on a page to a spectacular sing-along.

All you need is your imagination. Instruments are a bonus, but you can use your instrument from Múinteoir John or make your own shakers just like Colm and Kaifina.

And don't forget to send us your finished songs! We cannot wait to hear them at Home School Hub and Fighting Words.

Don't forget you can send your songs to us at Home School Hub here

You can also share them with the awesome team at Fighting Words who cannot wait to listen to your musical creations. Details on how to share are here.