Word Association Game

Number of Players – 2 or more

How to Play: 

Come up with a list of topics e.g.  The kitchen, the seaside, school etc. Write them down, cut them out and put them in a bag or container. 

Player one picks one of the topics and reads it out loud. 

The next player must come up with a word that would be associated with it e.g. if kitchen is picked out, they could say fridge, table, knife, food etc.  

The next player then says another word associated with kitchen and you keep going from player to player until someone can't think of an answer or says something not associated with the kitchen e.g. underpants, then that player is out. 

Set a time limit for answers e.g. 5 seconds, and if a player can’t answer in that time they are out.  

A player is also out if they repeat a word that has already been said.

Ideas for topics:

  • Farm Animals
  • Dinners
  • Clothes
  • Sports
  • Counties of Ireland
  • Sweets
  • Books
  • Plants
  • Birds


Send us pictures or videos of what you have done.  Ask your parents to help you send them to rte.ie/learn

Answers: Words NOT associated with Bathroom = Spaghetti, Shoes, Bicycle, Apple, Tree